Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can I unpost?

I wondered at my mother's eagerness in (repeatedly) asking my opinion of Psychoville. So I watched. I thought it seemed rather...familiar. I googled. The same people who wrote The League of Gentlemen. Comedy that scares the shit out of me. Comedy that made me exit a room in haste. Comedy that made my mother laugh and laugh harder as I freaked out and ran away.

This explains a lot, doesn't it?


  1. It's her mother's day present I want to unpost. Evil cackling witch! I phoned her and she just laughed at me!

  2. You should have knitted your mother a dear little jumper and sent it through to her in the mail. If I had a mother that is what I would have done.

    Oh, wait, I do.

    Mothers Day, you say? So does this thing happen a lot?

  3. Al. You are evil. You'd probably get along quite well with my mother.

    What's this knit thing, Tim? You needn't worry about Mother's Day. It's a job for the missus. Also all birthdays etc.