Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I’ve spent the last week very busily and strenuously recovering from surgery. The translation is: on the couch reading and watching tv shows. I may have overdosed on True Blood but it was southern fried fun while I was doing it. My only, very minorly, vaguely intellectual thought from this is that the Queensland/Louisiana thing is not entirely wrong. This makes me quite uncomfortable for a number of reasons that I don’t think I’ll go into in the right here right now.

Hospital was interesting. I reacted to the whole process with breathtaking calm given that it was entirely new to me. My biggest freak out was being asked, at about 4pm, to swallow five uncoated tablets with the aid of about half an inch of water. Cruel given that I’d had no fluid since 2.30am. I got man-handled, and I don’t really like people touching me, by just about everyone. Doctors are awfully touchy, aren’t they? Like unnecessarily so. It all seemed a bit silly when all I really wanted was the blissful touch of anaesthesia. It all went off without a hitch and, hopefully, I shan’t have further problems. I made my surgeons and nurses happy so I suppose all is good.

Recovery has been rather slow but only in the sense that I am tired and a little sore as well as wonderfully bruised. Had I a tum for showing off I’d have posted pictures of my interestingly bruised bellybutton. Other than that nothing. I am tying to force myself to do nothing. No lifting, not too much standing, and limited sitting upright which tends to the uncomfortable. I am reading Possession and David Marr’s Power Trip and feeling oddly disconnected from everything.


  1. Possession is great fun. Heal up well and enjoy the comforts of recovery.

  2. Hopefully generous helpings of chocolate and other desserts help you on the way to recovery as well!

    Well that's me sounding like a greeting card.

    Dad's in hospital at the moment (on the tap opiates!) and his one request to mum has been for her to tape an episode of 'The Killing' for him to watch when he gets out!

  3. Mitzi, honestly, I'm rather bored. Mum's gone home and no-one's come calling with lovely casseroles and entertainment and I don't much feel like going out. Actually, the truth is I don't much feel like wearing anything with a waistband.

    Tim, there are desserts other than chocolate?
    Isn't it funny how obsessed older people are about TV? My mother and aunt leave messages for each other that specifically say 'do not pho me between this time and that time on this night as I HAVE A SHOW ON'. Hope you dad's okay.

  4. ERG! That reminds me of the surgery I had - yuck! Belly buttons look weird enough as they are and considering their original role things going back in there when your an adult - YUCK!

    It weirded me out something cruel and I couldn't begin to explain why!

    Get better... um - physically I mean mate ;-)

  5. Belongum, they are pretty odd. I also prefer not to think about the original purpose. Kinda like eggs, really.
    Am definitely getting better physically. A little mentally tender at the moment though. It may have been quite a small op but the process was quite a big thing.

  6. Mentally is a whole other ball game Shelley... as I'm beginning to find out myself. It's times like this - where my job takes me out of my bubble - that I get to meet really amazing people, who deal with more bull than I do - and they amaze me. I'm such a blouse at times mate ;-)

    I say again (damn that radio speak - it just never goes away) - get better! :-)